Friday, April 1, 2022

Keitai Update ✨

After more than a year of using my Samsung Galaxy Flip 📱✨ I decided to update the stickers I have on it! It's so crazy to think about how in my younger blogging days I would always have new phone accessories, like different cases for my different moods, but now I'm in my early 30s, once a year is more than enough 😅
I also went ahead and update my wallpaper! I update my wallpaper a lil bit more often but still not as often as I used to. Maybe once every 4 months?
This time I drew my own wallpaper though! I've seen this wallpaper trend last year, I think this is a style that originated from Canva, I don't personally use it but a lot of content creator does. Also Geekshare released a Calico collection and I thought they were so cute??? So yeah I made this with those inspos in mind~