Saturday, April 9, 2022

Chef Yapo's Sleepy Artisserie 🥨🍯

Yay🌼 after almost a month I managed to draw a personal art!✨🌷 Yesterday I was looking for some files and browsed my yapo-art folder and saw a bunch of wip files. I don't go there much because it's where I carelessly dump personal files and go, it's really messy place. but I felt really sad to realise how much unfinished illustrations have piled on and that seeing the state of this folder it dawned on me that I always put myself last when it comes to art. I've been working hard and have improved so much but I can't even enjoy and indulge myself. Im way too slow and my energy is sadly not a lot. After a day of commissions (that I feel am constantly late on), there's just no way I can work on personal art on the same day. I wanted to do more this year and even be a pngtuber but im really disappointed at my own pace. I need help with time management and switching my brain. Because I exist mostly in my room, time is so fluid and I don't feel it passing by. There is no transition period nor am i in a schedule. It's really inneficient. I've looked into a lot of self help apps but nothing sticks. I just gotta really build a routine to check. Anyway, I apologise if this post is about myself rather than the art itself. I just also wanted to get this off my chest and do better for myself.
🌷 Illustration title: Sleepy Artisserie by Chef Yapo 🥨
🌷 Thoughts:
I recently signed up on Mastodon and wanted to take advantage of the gif option to have animated banners. I also wanted to get a new banner for my blog. This cat girl is just a one-off OC I sketched from last year. Completely forgot it exists until I stumbled upon it yesterday. Very happy how it turned out! Recently been into very dark line art with vibrant pastels that contrast beautifully~ I think this piece shows an improvement with my colour theory! I also am very happy with how the eyes have vibrant details. I still struggle to draw eye details that draws attention from the viewers i hope this will be a start to finding my own style.