Thursday, April 14, 2022


I started fertilising my plants again~!🌿🌿 I've let go some more of my plants and im left with my core favourites~! Sadly during winter I've been battling pests and a lot of my plants really took a hit
  • 🌼my Anthurium Crystallinum currently with 1 leaf left.
  • 🌼 my Monstera Albo nearly lost all of its leaves and im hoping for a reset this year as its gone quite leggy without leaves on every stem lol.
  • 🌼 My philodendron splendid I found out had root rot and haven't really grown much roots at all. I repotted it not too long ago and im hoping that it will make a recovery.
  • 🌼 My verucossum and piper sylvaticum basically died, but I saved 1 healthy node each so im hoping they will live. they're currently sharing an old jar of yankee candle with some moss.
  • 🌼 My precious and lush Calathea Warscewiczii is alive but no longer a sight to behold. I still cannot bring myself to wash it and diagnose what the problem is but i haven't really been keeping up wiht its care. Im planning to let the plant die but if I can find a small baby then I'd rather much keep a smaller one than this current size.
Also due to arranging my room, I do not have space for my humidifier anymore, its currently placed quite far from my plants and unusable :( Im still thinking of how I can incorporate it sufficiently away from my PC tower and jubjub but close enough from mi plants.

Not everything is bad though! I'm happy to say there are also a lot of things that were good!
  • 🌼 My pitcher plant continues to produce pitchers and had been a source of so much happiness. Each pitcher grows bigger than the last!
  • 🌼 I've had a fall out with the watering schedule of my hanging plants but now have been pretty consistent. All of them are healthy and doing really well.
  • 🌼 My potato, stephania erecta that's been sleeping since i got it early autumn last year, have shown a tiny sprout not even 2 weeks since i transferred it onto an old yankee candle jar! I keep underestimating the huge impact of high humidity on plants but again and again it shows how important it is.
I'm looking forward to his year's Spring and Summer and how my plants will evolve.