Saturday, March 5, 2022

🪴New OC: Jubjub

Hi! Today am feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to cheer myself up by making an OC. Jubjub is also the name of my pet which this character is based from. The Leafy mentioned in his lore is my sona. I'm still developing her at the moment and hoping to debut her soon. I've been brewing this idea on my mind that I want to stream art and games as a pngtuber/giftuber and I wanted to incorporate an imaginary world as well. Hehe. Anyway this is a very loose and rushed idea that I just wanted to capture. Please look forward to me refining my OC Jubjub as time goes by!🌼✨🪴
🐥N a m e: Jubjub
🐥P r o n o u n s: He/him
🐥L o r e:
Originally from a faraway land. Migrated and settled to Koppi forest for its rich abundance of bugs. Found Leafy as a larvae grub on a pile of mulberry leaves. He captured her for breakfast but the next morning he found Leafy in her transformed metamorphosed form and escaped! They were awkward for a while before becoming friends.