Monday, March 14, 2022

Miffy Coffee Warmer & More🌼🧸

Hi pumpkins!⭐🌼 Last month I placed some orders from Aliexpress and they arrived today (。・ω・。)
The highlight of my purchase is this cute Miffy coffee warmer. I've been looking for a coffee warmer for sometime now but couldn't decide something that will fit my desk setup. Amazon has a lot of choices but I just had to check if Aliexpress has better options, and I'm glad I did! I kind of fell inlove with its design and vibe. It came with a glass tea mug but it's scratched up unfortunately. I think the print is not high quality at all and will peel overtime. If it does I can put my own design using my sister's Sillhouette Cameo machine✨.
If you want to see the scratch details just open the image in new tab, but here's hows the mug look! I think the shape is cute. The material is thin plastic glass. I already made an appeal to request partial refund for the damage so I hope it goes well. In the past I had a similar problem with item quality, thankfully Aliexpress resolved it quickly and I was happy.
Here we have a cute bear mousepad 🐻🐻🐻 It's wayyy too vibrant for my liking and it didn't seem this orange in the shop pictures (´ï½°∀ï½°`) It still works though and definitely cute. Admittedly this was an impulse buy. You know how i love to rearrange my desk, right? Well in one of the rearrangements I was short of space with the mouse-mat I currently have. At that time it made sense to buy this, then few days later I rearranged my desk again and had enough space 😂 Im keeping this cute bear though!

I got 2 sets of joy-con covers for my Nintendo Switch! Last January my partner gifted me a 2nd hand OLED Switch in regular colourway (red and blue), so I've been on a mission to customise it. One is a glitter clear case and the other is Sumikko Gurashi themed. I'm still waiting for my joy-con shells from Citrus Pair to arrive before I can use these. I can't wait to peel off my switch skin and replace the buttons for good! 🥺🌼🧸