Monday, March 14, 2022

Leafle Island🌿🌿

Hello!🌿🌼 I restarted my ACNH island again..
At the moment of writing I have put in 2.4k hrs on this game but I have never ever finished an island and has never put out a Dream Address. I think I'm only realising after all this time that I love the grind of getting to 3 star island ⭐⭐⭐ After I unlock the terraforming licenses and start to landscape my island i lose all motivation to play, get tired of the island theme im going for and just restart all over. I was just meant to make a flag design for my friend Ian. But one thing led to another and now I have a fully empty island again. I think if there were more tools for easier terraforming (like what we have for the DLC: Deserted Island Getaway) I would be more motivated to finish my island.
I found Benjamin on my 1st ticket into villager hunting!⭐
A little bit of introspection💭: im so reminded of the fact how i do this irl as well. Constantly reinventing myself into different things. I would pop-in and pop-out of internet existence (resetting an island), come back with a new theme, outgrow that interest and disappear again like a seasonal mushroom, only to sprout again different 🍄✨
I think it's part of life for people to change and transform throughout their existence. Some just transition seamlessly into their new found self. And there are others who prefers to distance and isolate themselves for a period of time before emerging again. I'm definitely the latter. I used to hate that about myself: inconsistent, change my thoughts on a whim's notice, fickle AF, etc. but now i just shrug and embrace that about myself.