Tuesday, March 8, 2022


My current gaming/artist setup 🧸🌼
2021 was definitely the year when I went all out for plants. I was really obsessed with them on months end. This year I feel like im outgrowing the hyperfixation. I can barely keep up with the maintenance, especially this past winter a lot of them died from neglect. I'm slowly coming into terms that I will be letting go of majority from my collection and only keep the ones that brings me most joy. I think I still love indoor plants though don't get me wrong. But whereas I focused on quantity last year, I've calmed down to focus on quality more. I think this is healthier for me and for my small room.
Maybe after I cleaned some space on my desk I can fit a 2nd monitor? ✨🧸
New keycaps πŸͺ΄πŸ»
I've finally gotten around updating my keycaps! I got this keyboard back in June but I was intimidated with the keyboard terminology out there and couldn't decide if I'm getting something I can really use. There were a lot of words like MX cherry, sublimination, TKL, etc 🀯🀯 In the end I was able to sit down and make some wrinkles on my brain to understand what those meant πŸ˜‚ I would say it's worth the time investment because I'm so inlove with my keyboard now. Motivates me to do my admin tasks, reply to messages and basically just find little pockets of joys in my mundane life.