Monday, March 28, 2022

🌸2022 Anniversary🌸

 Hello blossoms🌸🌸 last 24th of March was my partner and mine's 2nd anniversary and he surprised me with a visit all the way from Germany 😭😭 Being in a long distance relationship I'm used to exchanging gifts online and ordering food to celebrate our milestones together due to pandemic.
It was so disorienting that we were just on our usual overnight-phone calls and then suddenly see his head poking out of my room door after some few hours! My room was so messy, I was still naked half-asleep on the bed, and have been drooling on my pillows wtf 😂
However I felt really very very special, like a disney princess:・゚✧ To be shown love like this, I've never experienced someone doing this much just to be with me 🧸💗🧸
He planned everything about our anniversary! When we first started dating (mainly through discord), we talked about our love for cherry blossom season and how nice it would be to have a picnic under the blossom trees with our favourite snacks and just chill.
2yrs later this dream came true, we went to Kew Gardens🌿 and sat under one of the prettiest cherry blossom trees in bloom and ate our snacks, took pics, video-called my grandma, and walked around the garden until it started getting dark. I also cried a lot internally when he made an anniversary post on his IG haha! He seldoms update his feed and just the gesture of declaring his love for me out in the world is also a major love language for me 🥺❤️ Because i get it, whenever I scroll past loveydovey couples on my feed I facepalm too. Its cheesy, its cringe, but thats why you also know its real, it takes courage and vulnerability to admit love. and I see that, I really appreciate that truly more than I can express. I've been really spoilt with affection, time, material things, and my heart is so so FULL 😭💗
💌 We took a lot of pics throughout his whole stay here and I do want to post about them too, for now I just wanted to focus on my thoughts and feelings and journal them down while i still vividly remember the most important things to me! 🧸🌸🧸